How Do We React To Our Child’s Report Card?

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What if we tried to be a little less emotional? We love them and we want the best for our children, that's normal! You can be proud of them or worried about them, but you shouldn't let them know that you're disappointed in them. Let's remember that their report card is not our evaluation of whether or not we are a good parent, but a picture of their school progress. So the report card arrives at home. What do we do? I'm Jessica Rousseau, aka MamanÉducatrucs, [...]

Using Our 5 Senses to Soothe Kids’ Stress

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When our kids are feeling most overwhelmed, their emotions can really appear to be all over the place. Sadness, excitability, irritability, anxiety… you name it; they feel it. Making meaning of their behaviour can be challenging. Science helps us make sense of what’s going on inside our littlest one’s body and brain. A helpful tip can be to start seeing this behaviour as something that occurs due to stress overload instead of something due to defiance or a desire to make trouble. Equipped with empathy, we [...]

Out of This World: Space-Themed Sensory Fun!

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When looking to set up a sensory-friendly space – whether in a home or a school – lots of thought is given to both form and function. We’re examining what each item’s purpose is and trying to meet the needs of those who use the space in the most efficient, effective way possible. Simultaneously, we’re striving to bring pieces together that look, and most importantly, feel good. Why not consider form and function while infusing a huge dose of fun as well?! Setting up a sensory [...]

How can I help my child with ADHD focus on homework and lessons?

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There are so many things to deal with during homework and lessons! Since the child with ADD/ADHD is like a little cat that has just seen a squirrel pass by, they forget quickly, get distracted and jump from one thing to the next! Sometimes, it’s funny, but not always effective! My 8-year-old daughter with ADHD can suck up all my juice to get through homework and lessons! But, can it be any different? Yes, I promise you that if you are determined to establish a strict [...]

On Your Marks! Get Set! To Your Pencils!

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During the summer, our children are on vacation! This school break is a perfect time to generalize learning related to writing and pencil grasp in a more fun, spontaneous and creative context. Through play, your child will certainly be more motivated and engaged in their learning! Here’s a suggested list of fun activities for the whole family to try. For rainy days: - Play tic-tac-toe with letters, shapes and/or numbers (instead of O and X)- Keep score during board games with letters, shapes and/or numbers- Exchange [...]

Get Ready for Kindergarten!

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Starting kindergarten is a big step for your child and also for you as parents. To prepare, here are some activities to try to encourage your child's independence before school starts: Dressing and Undressing -Practice using all types of fasteners (lace, buttons and zipper) of the clothes your child wears the most (rain coat, shoes, pants and warmer jacket). - In the entrance of the house, let your child find their clothes alone and get dressed. It’s interesting to have them learn the dressing sequence on [...]

In the summer, we play to learn! 5 strategies to mitigate summer learning loss

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Finally, summer vacations are here! Time to pull our sleeves up and get much needed rest. How do we help our kids continue to grow and learn? Long summer days, and lots of laughter make up beautiful summer memories. It is those special moments that allow our children to let go, regain their strength, find respite and find themselves. School, homework and routine quickly become a distant memory and we find ourselves planning vacations and outings.Several studies have examined the effect of extended vacations on the [...]

Top 5 Old School Summer Activities for Kids

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We’ve passed some of the season’s key milestones – Solstice, the last day of school, St Jean Baptiste – and now we have our eyes fixed straight ahead on a fun-filled summer! With the warmer, sunnier weather comes the chance to get outside more often and take advantage of all this new season has to offer! The backyard pools will be jumped in. The kids will be barefoot. The evenings will be filled with light conversation and laughter. Staying active in the summer comes so much [...]

Attention, organization and planning: strategies to finish the school year successfully

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Our children are eager to finish their school year. Along with this enthusiasm, many become antsy and their attention span dwindles yielding it difficult for them to complete their school work. Those who have struggled throughout the year also find themselves having to draw on new strengths to finish off their year successfully. And there are those who have already invested everything they had, but the challenge of accrued assignments, exams, and final projects have led to feelings of having exhausted their perseverance threshold. After a [...]

Nimbly Mat: loads of fun ideas!

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The new Nimbly mat has its own user guide with great ideas for working with various purposes, such as recognizing capital letters, numbers, colors and geometric shapes. Our team of occupational therapists wanted to give you even more activity options to practice different skills! Are you ready? A ton of ideas! We’ll share different alternatives with you by targeting very specific skills! Gross Motor Skills: by varying movements, we’ll stimulate coordination, balance and endurance! • vary the movements of motion by jumping with both feet or [...]