Are you familiar with the semi-flexible class?

By | 12 March 2018|Help with Homework|

The flexible class concept is now spreading in Quebec and many schools that have not adopted it yet are questioning themselves. Is this a passing fad? Does it really work ? Should I have a « Pinterest » format flexible class ? There are different concepts attached to the flexible class, including reducing children’s inactivity. It is demonstrated that [...]

Flexible Seating

By | 2 March 2018|Help with Homework|

The Flexible Seating or Flexible Class is a popular topic these days in the Quebec schools. Since our team of ergotherapists receive lots of question on the subject we decided to write an article. What’s Flexible Seating? Flexible Seating seems to be a new and rapidly growing trend. To further specify, Flexible Seating suggests to [...]

Back to school

By | 27 September 2017|Help with Homework|

Summer will soon be over and going back to school is just around the corner. Getting ready keeps everyone busy, children and parents. Here are a few suggestions to ensure a smooth start to the school year. Purchase the school supplies with your child. Mark the first day of school on the calendar to help [...]

Margo the Occupational Therapist- My child is being restless. What can I do?

By | 27 September 2017|Help with Homework|

Does your child fail to remain seated or remain attentive during a drawing or do-it-yourself activity? Maintaining the sitting position for a certain period of time is achieved through postural control and stabilizing muscles of the back. If your child has a weakness with these muscles, it will be difficult to sit for several minutes. [...]

How to regain motivation?

By | 27 September 2017|Help with Homework|

Half of the school year has gone by and very often we notice a decline in children’s motivation. What should be said or done? How to encourage children to exceed themselves? Unfortunately, there are no simple answers and no single solution for everyone. On the other hand, the expression a healthy mind in a healthy [...]

When homework is no longer work!

By | 30 June 2017|Help with Homework|

Summer is over! As exciting as ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ can be, ‘BACK TO WORK’ comes often with much less enthusiasm. To avoid the summer blues, here are some tips to make ‘HOMEWORK TIME’ an efficient and positive part of the daily schedule. The Challenges! During homework time, we observe Jonathan having trouble staying seated, Zoe [...]

A New School: Easing the Transition

By | 30 June 2017|Help with Homework|

Moving to a new school is a big event in a young person’s life. Whether it be attending school for the first time or transferring to another school, the transition can cause fear or anxiety for a person with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Working together, parents and staff can help make this move a successful [...]

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