In the summer, we play to learn! 5 strategies to mitigate summer learning loss

By |2021-07-26T15:49:54-04:0026 July 2021|Child Development, Help with Homework, Special Needs|

Finally, summer vacations are here! Time to pull our sleeves up and get much needed rest. How do we help our kids continue to grow and learn? Long summer days, and lots of laughter make up beautiful summer memories. It is those special moments that allow our children to let go, regain their strength, find [...]

Top 5 Old School Summer Activities for Kids

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We’ve passed some of the season’s key milestones – Solstice, the last day of school, St Jean Baptiste – and now we have our eyes fixed straight ahead on a fun-filled summer! With the warmer, sunnier weather comes the chance to get outside more often and take advantage of all this new season has to [...]

Supporting Skill Building, Personal Growth and Wellness through Gardening

By |2021-06-30T11:29:35-04:0030 June 2021|Child Development, Physical Activity, Special Needs|

Starting a garden is a great long-term project that has numerous benefits. Gardening can happen in a calm, quiet and relaxing natural environment. It can be taught through online learning and videos. Gardening can also be an activity that unites a group of people through a common purpose and interest. For example, when school resumes [...]

Empathy: developing the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes

By |2021-06-15T15:11:59-04:0015 June 2021|Child Development, Special Needs|

Are you exasperated when you see your older one laughing at her little brother crying? There may be room to develop the ability to be empathetic. What is empathy? Showing empathy is having the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and understand the emotions that a situation makes you feel. Empathy is sometimes [...]

Back to normal

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For some time now, reopening announcements have been increasingly present in our minds. An aura of decompartmentalization, of returning to ‘’normal’’ and of reunion is gradually taking hold. So does the anxiety associated with this new change.   While I was getting used to this way of functioning which appeared to me inscribed in my [...]

Attention, organization and planning: strategies to finish the school year successfully

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Our children are eager to finish their school year. Along with this enthusiasm, many become antsy and their attention span dwindles yielding it difficult for them to complete their school work. Those who have struggled throughout the year also find themselves having to draw on new strengths to finish off their year successfully. And there [...]