Time for a special kind of baseball game!

By |2019-10-16T17:01:03-04:0016 October 2019|Child Development, Special Needs|

Oh dear! Your offspring have been acting out recently. You feel you are constantly repeating yourself, without being heard. Well then, it’s baseball time! April is the start of baseball season and my child being a die-hard fan, we came up with the idea of Disciplinary Baseball. No material necessary… except for a bit of consistency and perseverance. [...]

Everyday Tools to Work on Social Skills

By |2019-09-27T15:55:31-04:0018 September 2019|Child Development|

As a mother of five, managing conflicts and emotions has become a big part of my daily chores. I appreciate tools that help my children become more autonomous in dealing with their emotions and in dealing with conflicts. I recently received two posters and am so happy that I brought them into my home!   [...]

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