How Others See Us

By |2022-08-17T15:58:54-04:0017 August 2022|Child Development, Special Needs|

It’s difficult to be completely indifferent to how others see us. This is true for everyone, but for an autistic person, it’s what will make the difference between living and surviving. We can’t live fully in this world that is created, valued and recognized by neurotypical people while at the same time seeking the approval of these people whose scales, referents and measures are made from this dominant model. The autistic person gives themselves a chance when they find that feeling of pride and accomplishment that [...]

How to help a child with ADHD to carry out their routines?

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Time management, doing all his steps, going back and forth between school and home… Even though it seems like we are always behind them, they want it as much as anyone! With a few good strategies, you can help your ADD/ADHD child become more organized (a little without you!) With my daughter, a simple brushing of teeth can be epic. She talks to herself while staring at her reflection in the mirror, makes a few faces… Getting through a daily routine can be a marathon, but [...]

Our Brain and the Many Benefits of Crossing Midline

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Going about our daily task and activities, adults are often crossing midline without giving it much thought at all. As we tie our shoes, read, turn the steering wheel while we drive, and reach for various things throughout the day, our brain is hard at work. So what’s our midline? As you could likely guess from the name alone, someone’s midline is that imaginary line that runs from the tip-top of your head right down to the point between your feet, separating your body into two [...]

How Do We React To Our Child’s Report Card?

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What if we tried to be a little less emotional? We love them and we want the best for our children, that's normal! You can be proud of them or worried about them, but you shouldn't let them know that you're disappointed in them. Let's remember that their report card is not our evaluation of whether or not we are a good parent, but a picture of their school progress. So the report card arrives at home. What do we do? I'm Jessica Rousseau, aka MamanÉducatrucs, [...]

Using Our 5 Senses to Soothe Kids’ Stress

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When our kids are feeling most overwhelmed, their emotions can really appear to be all over the place. Sadness, excitability, irritability, anxiety… you name it; they feel it. Making meaning of their behaviour can be challenging. Science helps us make sense of what’s going on inside our littlest one’s body and brain. A helpful tip can be to start seeing this behaviour as something that occurs due to stress overload instead of something due to defiance or a desire to make trouble. Equipped with empathy, we [...]

Out of This World: Space-Themed Sensory Fun!

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When looking to set up a sensory-friendly space – whether in a home or a school – lots of thought is given to both form and function. We’re examining what each item’s purpose is and trying to meet the needs of those who use the space in the most efficient, effective way possible. Simultaneously, we’re striving to bring pieces together that look, and most importantly, feel good. Why not consider form and function while infusing a huge dose of fun as well?! Setting up a sensory [...]

Little Guide to Help You Manage Your Child’s BIG Emotions

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Whether you are a parent, educator or teacher, there will come a time where you might become preoccupied and feel out of resources to support your child’s big emotions. If you are looking for additional ideas, this little guide is for you. What is an emotion? An emotion is a brief and intense emotional state. At the same time, it engages our body and mind to respond to a change in the environment. Emotions are adaptive reactions and are unique to each individual. The two poles [...]

How should I react when my child is anxious?

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They’re afraid of mascots, spiders, putting their head in the water, going to daycare, saying hello to visitors, sleeping alone in their bed ... In short, there are plenty of fears and this is perfectly normal! All children have fears, stressful times, anxiety-inducing experiences, and most of the time the fear goes away on its own (and with a little help from parents!). I’m Jessica Rousseau a.k.a Maman Éducatrucs, TES and Family Coach and I’ll show you some great approaches to use (until the anxiety goes [...]

Autonomy and winter clothes: quite a storm!

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“My scarf is too tight.” “I can’t put on my boots.”   A child’s independence with dressing and undressing from winter clothes is difficult to achieve sometimes. This activity requires mastering several skills such as gross motor skills (balance, postural control, bilateral coordination), fine motor skills (manipulating fasteners) and perception (putting clothes on the right way). How to Facilitate Cooperation To support your child's independence, here are some suggestions to promote engagement and task performance with dressing: Practice tying if your child has a toque with [...]