Conflicts between brothers and sisters: how do we overcome them?

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Catherine and Maxime are exasperated! Their 2 boys are constantly arguing. If it’s not the youngest stealing the other one’s toy, then it’s a fight that ends in tears. The parents are tired of intervening and playing referee. First of all, it’s important to know that conflicts are normal and inevitable. They support a child in building their identity – in other words to differentiate themselves from others, and to assert and compare themselves in order to get to know themselves better. They also learn various [...]

Teaching your child to calm down in 4 easy steps

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Life moves so fast! Learning to relax is a great gift for our children. The simple act of taking deep breaths helps lower daily stress levels. With your support, your child can use this learned skill during times of anger, anxiety, or excitement to better manage their emotions. Also, when practiced before bedtime, this breathing also promotes sleep. Here is the process for teaching your child to calm down: First, pinpoint a quiet moment when your child is available and practice the following sequence with him [...]

manimo: love at first sight!

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manimo are definitely popular these days. Educators and parents talk to me about it regularly. I am also always pleasantly surprised to find them in the premises of different Childcare Centres! This enthusiasm prompted me to reclaim these weighted animals that I had already used in the past. I have a few uses in mind for my little coconuts who find it difficult to stay put or who always want to touch other children and other small problems. When I received my manimo dog, I fell [...]

10 Educational Christmas Activities for Preschoolers

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Christmas is a very busy time of the year with gifts to buy, meals and visits to plan, the tree and the house to decorate ... I was very surprised last year when I started doing Christmas Bingos with children because I realized they didn’t know all of the vocabulary associated with this time of the year!  As adults, we don’t realize how much children are exposed to new words (nursery rhymes, movies, stories) and to what extent they’re supposed to know them. Take the test! [...]