Our Brain and the Many Benefits of Crossing Midline

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Going about our daily task and activities, adults are often crossing midline without giving it much thought at all. As we tie our shoes, read, turn the steering wheel while we drive, and reach for various things throughout the day, our brain is hard at work. So what’s our midline? As you could likely guess from the name alone, someone’s midline is that imaginary line that runs from the tip-top of your head right down to the point between your feet, separating your body into two [...]

Out of This World: Space-Themed Sensory Fun!

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When looking to set up a sensory-friendly space – whether in a home or a school – lots of thought is given to both form and function. We’re examining what each item’s purpose is and trying to meet the needs of those who use the space in the most efficient, effective way possible. Simultaneously, we’re striving to bring pieces together that look, and most importantly, feel good. Why not consider form and function while infusing a huge dose of fun as well?! Setting up a sensory [...]

Little Guide to Help You Manage Your Child’s BIG Emotions

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Whether you are a parent, educator or teacher, there will come a time where you might become preoccupied and feel out of resources to support your child’s big emotions. If you are looking for additional ideas, this little guide is for you. What is an emotion? An emotion is a brief and intense emotional state. At the same time, it engages our body and mind to respond to a change in the environment. Emotions are adaptive reactions and are unique to each individual. The two poles [...]

The woman behind the entrepreneur

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Karine Gagner, the woman behind fdmt. Passionate and inspiring entrepreneur dedicated full-time mom, it's a wonder how she manages to do it all in only 24 hours. She juggles many roles while maintaining a noteworthy lifestyle. We had the chance to speak with her to learn more about her different facets. Enter the frantic daily life of this ambitious and endearing woman! What is your morning routine? The first thing I do when I wake up at 5:30am is look at my phone to answer questions [...]


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Learning is often linked to a young person’s path and development until the end of a so-called linear journey towards young adulthood. So, the emergence of a young professionals category creates a mark on this timeline and plan proposed by a performance based society.This reference informs us that there is this course, without too many breaks, where the world of work is ready to welcome these graduates. Certainly, they’re full of their studied subject knowledge, but they’re also graduates of their success by not having procrastinated [...]

Self-esteem in children and adolescents: how can we help?

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Mathieu doesn't like to do things alone - he is afraid of failing; so, he asks his parents for help with most of his daily life activities (getting dressed, making his lunch). When it comes time to construct games or drawings, he imitates what others are doing. He develops very few new ideas on his own. What is self-esteem? Having good self-esteem is knowing that you have value as a person, and it’s also having a positive self-image. It isn’t being good in all areas, but [...]

Sleep During the Summertime

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Who among us doesn't experience changes in sleep during the summer? What about the sun’s influence on our little ones? Do you have a smart kid who is slow to get to bed as soon as the sun is brighter in the evening? Or maybe a little peanut that suddenly rises when the rooster crows as soon as the sun comes out? The sleep cycle in summer is quite different from the cycle we have the rest of the year. Why? The sun and the time [...]

Back to normal

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For some time now, reopening announcements have been increasingly present in our minds. An aura of decompartmentalization, of returning to ‘’normal’’ and of reunion is gradually taking hold. So does the anxiety associated with this new change.   While I was getting used to this way of functioning which appeared to me inscribed in my autistic logic as a continuation of my social reserve, I must prepare to go back to how it was before. What was that? Before, I used to say no to social [...]

How can we feel good every single day?

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A daily routine can be exhausting and make time seem to fly by. It is essential to take time to stop and identify the different elements that contribute to your usual good mood. Identify what makes you feel good both physically and mentally. Take a moment to stop and recharge your batteries so that you can eventually be more effective in the various important areas of your life. The notion of well-being includes different topics that resonate with many different types of people. Some are fulfilled [...]

manimo: the sensory tool with scientifically proven benefits

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More than a comforting plush, manimo has become an essential sensory tool for thousands of people! Here are some scientifically proven benefits. ZOOM on Scientific Tests fdmt appointed a specialized firm to perform a biometric and behavioral study. This study allowed us to measure the emotional and cognitive effects of manimo on children, adults and seniors. (DFSA and RE-AK Technologies, 2020). Active Relaxation The effect of manimo is active relaxation. This provides a calming effect on thebody and mind, relieves stress and anxiety to promote attention [...]