By | 22 October 2018|Other|

My friends from fdmt told me « Marie we dont’t have a specific theme. You can write about ADD/ADHD, oppositional disorder, school achievement or anything else. » That is when I remembered a French quote from Marc Lévy that I read a couple of months ago. This is it, freely translated. “We can blame our childhood, blame [...]

Back to High School Tips

By | 3 August 2018|Other|

26 years of high school education! Whew ... so many students encountered! So, when I was asked to write about “back to school”, I thought, "No problem". But how to tackle a subject that is on the front page of almost every newspaper each August? How not to fall into the known generalities or to [...]

Last Stretch

By | 3 May 2018|Other|

So here we are! The March break, spring time change, holiday and egg hunt, all of it is behind us now. Which also means we are in the last stretch of this beautiful 2017-2018 school year. Ok, I can hear some parents say: beautiful school year!!!  Well well, where does Marie get that… Beautiful year… [...]

Autism – When the news is first given…

By | 18 April 2018|Special Needs|

When we notice that our little one shows behaviours that are different from those we can observe in a cousin or a daycare friend of the same age, it sets off an internal alarm. What if our precious bundle was not normal? What if it was something that will follow him through his whole life. [...]

Are you familiar with the semi-flexible class?

By | 12 March 2018|Help with Homework|

The flexible class concept is now spreading in Quebec and many schools that have not adopted it yet are questioning themselves. Is this a passing fad? Does it really work ? Should I have a « Pinterest » format flexible class ? There are different concepts attached to the flexible class, including reducing children’s inactivity. It is demonstrated that [...]

Flexible Seating

By | 2 March 2018|Help with Homework|

The Flexible Seating or Flexible Class is a popular topic these days in the Quebec schools. Since our team of ergotherapists receive lots of question on the subject we decided to write an article. What’s Flexible Seating? Flexible Seating seems to be a new and rapidly growing trend. To further specify, Flexible Seating suggests to [...]

Hand-eye coordination

By | 16 February 2018|Child Development|

Hand-eye coordination: In hand-eye coordination the eyes and the hands work together in order to perform an activity or reach a goal. A child cannot learn to eat properly, if he or she has poor hand-eye coordination skills. To eat, the child must see the food, reach out and then bring the food up to [...]

Daily routine

By | 19 January 2018|Other|

Routine, the famous routine! This is probably the word used the most in January by parents. For children, hearing this word must be like denying them to watch their favourite TV program on Saturday morning, or forcing them to wash dishes for the whole neighbourhood. You quickly get fed up of routine. On the other [...]

Helpful hints and advice for a pleasant holiday season

By | 9 January 2018|Other|

The holiday season is a time to meet with family and friends. For most children this creates a lot of excitement and positive feelings, whereas for certain children this time of the year represents some level of anxiety and inconvenience. Here are some tips to promote a smooth festive season : •Do not accept all [...]

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