Half of the school year has gone by and very often we notice a decline in children’s motivation. What should be said or done? How to encourage children to exceed themselves?

Unfortunately, there are no simple answers and no single solution for everyone. On the other hand, the expression a healthy mind in a healthy body makes a lot of sense when talking about motivation and it becomes a leitmotiv. To move, run, jump, practice a sport, yoga or meditation, are as many possibilities to become zen and counter depression and anxiety.

How can you help a child to be zen? Build good habits. Ask him to share his feelings, help him reduce his stress, show him how to solve conflicts, how to congratulate himself every day . All these tricks will help him feel good about himself, with better reaction in difficult situations and maximize his potential.

Obviously, practicing a physical activity is a must to be in good shape. It allows pushing your own limits, developing self-confidence and gives energy! Encourage your child to practice a sport, take a walk or play outdoors, but do not insist on an activity he does not like or that you hope he will do.

Meditation and relaxation are also very good lifestyle habits. Listen to calm music and jump into a world of relaxation! Move your child away from screens (television, computer, cellular, ipad…) abounding in the daily life and offer a family moment. Play a board game. Establish a time when all family members are comfortably reading in the same room and share what you read. Tell jokes and have a good laugh…

Have a good laugh…

Have you heard of yoga laughter? Also known as laughing for no reason, discover what is considered as a great evolution in the body and spirit medicine for which Dr Madan Kataria established the bases in the nineties. The aim of this practice is to create joy in the brain by using simple exercises to make us laugh.
A nice initiation is available in the spiral album Mon premier livre du yoga du rire . I can see you smile as you are reading the title! Easy to use, you will be pleased to discover this philosophy and fun exercises allowing you to accompany your children in their emotional development. The impacts are significant : better self-confidence, a more developed creative spirit and good mood. In short, better dispositions for motivation.

There are no secrets to well-being. To be happy is a daily challenge! Remember that a day without a good laugh is a lost day!