Hand-eye coordination

By | 16 February 2018|Child Development|

Hand-eye coordination: In hand-eye coordination the eyes and the hands work together in order to perform an activity or reach a goal. A child cannot learn to eat properly, if he or she has poor hand-eye coordination skills. To eat, the child must see the food, reach out and then bring the food up to [...]

Learn about DIR-Floortime®

By | 31 October 2017|Child Development|

How do I play with my child if he has no interest in playing? Learn about DIR-Floortime® Play with your child. This is the idea behind Dr. Stanley Greenspan’s approach: DIR-Floortime®. He developed this model in the 1980’s to help children on the autism spectrum develop to their full potential. In Greenspan’s model, the “D” [...]

Margo the Occupational Therapist – Fine motor skills : hand strenght and radio-ulnas dissociation

By | 27 September 2017|Child Development|

Playing, eating, getting dressed, cutting, writing… All daily activities using fine motor skills. Many children may show some of the following difficulties : Pre-school children: Difficulty screwing/unscrewing games Difficulty manipulating small objects, dropping them often Picking small objects with all fingers, without being able to dissociate thumb, pointer and middle fingers Difficulty fitting puzzle pieces, [...]

Organization: A Question of Ideas

By | 4 July 2017|Child Development|

Organization seems obvious to us – you either have it, or you don’t. Unfortunately, this popular belief is completely wrong! It’s a long learning process that requires the acquisition of numerous skills. Children ages 9 to 10 don’t generally spontaneously adopt strategies of classification and organization by themselves. Their cognitive processes are not ma-ture enough [...]

When Educating Rhymes with Fun

By | 4 July 2017|Child Development|

To educate is to use our knowledge about our children, especially their shared interest in learning or discovering what’s around us. By enjoying fun moments with our children, we’ll learn much more than grammar rules or theories; we’ll also teach emotional self-regulation and allow the child to explore a wide range of social rules (e.g. [...]

Anger in children

By | 4 July 2017|Child Development|

Anger is a legitimate emotion and there’s nothing negative about it. Everyone lives with anger. It is how it’s expressed that can become problematic. Some people are more skilled than others in expressing anger appropriately but with children, they’re still learning. The parent has a role to play in helping the child to reach this [...]

A Reward System

By | 4 July 2017|Child Development|

Parents are often reluctant to put a reinforcement system in place at home. Some believe you should have to buy or earn reinforcers or the child will become dependent on a reward every time he does something. Put things in perspective. Everyone reacts to positive feedback and tangible reinforcement. Our paycheque is an example, or [...]

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